Several things to know about Nova Scotia

Several things to know about Nova Scotia

Several things to know about Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a famous tourism spot in Canada, it offers a magnificent panorama and also natural place for you to explore. With several interesting spots that will offer you interesting experience. However, what makes it popular among the tourist other than as a tourism spot? In this article we will try to cover several interesting factor that makes you want to visit Nova Scotia!

1. A place with many sight and food
One thing that makes Nova Scotia is a place for tourism spot is because it have many sight to behold, from Breton cape with its high tides and lobster to several garden with delicious apples and blueberries to eat. Additionally, if you are feeling adventurous you will know that Nova Scotia is a place with high number of shipwrecks that are located in Sable Island which can be a very interesting and also great spot to see.

2. Many festivals to be seen
Oh yeah! Nova Scotia offers many festivals that you can visit. For examples in the month of May to October there are interesting and crowded festivals for you to come by. However make sure that you apply a hotel first because there will be many tourist that also come to this time as well.

Several things to know about Nova Scotia3. Beautiful Culture
And finally, Nova Scotia has a very interesting culture. It is basically a culture that comes from the Gaelic ancestry with a mix of African cultural influences and Mifkmaq or French Acadian culture. Making Nova Scotia culture a very unique culture to behold. Not to mention all of their culture are basically a love for family, music, Celebration and also history giving it a warm and friendly feeling to every tourist that come to this place.

In other words, if you are looking for a place where you can visit many spots with great sight and also highly cultural influence then Nova Scotia is definitely a place that you will not miss.

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