The magnificent Nature of Nova Scotia

The magnificent Nature of Nova Scotia

The magnificent Nature of Nova Scotia

The Canadian region is known for its charming natural beauty. One area in Canada that is also famous for its natural beauty is Nova Scotia. This province is also known as New Scotland. It’s on the east coast of Canada. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. The province itself has a population of less than one million.

In the southern part of the province, there is an island known as Sable Island. This small island is famous for its many ships sinking in its territory. At present, Nova Scotia is Canada’s second smallest province after Prince Edward Island and there is no further location than 56 km from the sea.

Nova Scotia’s natural beauty that must be protected

Nova Scotia is also one of the tourist destinations in Canada. This province holds extraordinary natural beauty. For example, on Cape Breton Island. This island is the island that has the longest line in Canada.

Some of the attractions of Cape Breton Island are one such as Fort Louisbourg, then there is the largest violin in the world located on this island, and home to the cabot trail. In addition there is also the Lunenberg which has been designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This one tourist place consists of an old city that depicts British colonial life in the 1800s.

Still a matter of the natural beauty of Nova Scotia, there is also the Annapolis Valley. This one valley stretches from Digby waters to Windsor. Tourist attractions in this area consist of extensive apple orchards and grapes. In addition, the Annapolis Valley is also one of the highest tides in the world.

So those of you who want to visit Nova Scotia, are very obliged to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Annapolis Valley. In addition, do not forget to enjoy the natural beauty of the city in Halifax and Lunenberg. Guaranteed you will not feel sorry for spending time and choosing to take a vacation to Nova Scotia, a province in Canada.

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